Row like a Venetian

We are a non-profit organization of passionate (and almost all female) vogatori, Venetian by birth and by choice, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional Venetian cultura acquea, the water culture. At its center is the voga alla veneta, the style of rowing standing up, facing forward, native to Venice and made famous by the gondoliers.

Join Row Veniceand try it yourself.

Looking for something different to do in Venice, something truly authentic and un-touristy? Get off the beaten path and on the waterways with the Venetian voga alla veneta — the unique, stand-up rowing style developed to traverse the city and its lagoon, and made iconic by the gondoliers — you can experience this rich heritage first-hand.

While getting a taste of this exhilarating, inherently green and sustainable activity, you’ll be supporting our non-profit organization’s efforts to keep the voga an integral part of the city, as we simultaneously raise international awareness and generate broader support for the role of the voga and typical Venetian boats.

By participating in—not just observing—this unique, very-Venetian pastime, you’ll support our cause while acquiring a profound understanding of the city that is both historic and intimate. That’s why we say…

There is nothing more Venetian than the Voga.